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Yoga at Manor Farm, East Sussex

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Quote of the day
Try to remain most of the time with your own self - in your own self - busy in your own affairs, committed to your duty, and remembrance of God. A time comes when you start feeling you are in the world, but not of the world. In other words, detachment starts happening, you become more at peace with your own self, more competent in performing your duty, and more in harmony with the world around you.
Professor O. Sharma
We believe that yoga is not just a set of physical exercises but an attitude to life. Part of this attitude is the importance of service to others. To this end, we have partly converted our family house into a yoga centre, in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

Our Oast house has accommodation for up to 15 people, and a large barn has been converted into a fully equipped yoga studio. The centre is set in 16 acres of land in a quiet and secluded area. The garden consists of fields, woods, a series of ponds, and an organic kitchen garden, which provides most of the ingredients for the vegetarian food that we cook here.

In this setting we run workshops and residential retreats. We see yoga as one way to develop an awareness of our inner selves and increase inner peace and happiness. This in turn helps to improve our performance in daily life and our relationships with those around us.

Lucie who leads most of the courses at Manor Farm is a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher and Yoga Teacher Diploma Course Tutor. She has recently moved to India to live near her spiritual teacher in Jaipur, but will come regularly back to England to continue leading workshops and retreats. For more information on courses please check the editorial and workshop pages.


Lucie will be running another British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course from January 2014 with Maggie Davis (Introduction day 1st December) and a BWY Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Paul Riddy from November 2014 (Introduction day 3rd August).

A website of Lucie's spiritual teacher Gurudev Shri O.Sharma is now opened and regularly updated with new discourses (Satsangs). If you are interested to know more please click here. We have also started publishing small books on various spiritual topics taken from our teacher's Satsangs. So far we have published topics Love, Attachement & Detachment, Meditations, Ego, The Aim of life and Spirituality & Religion.